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Timebox-Evo is the fourth generation Pixel Art Speaker from Divoom. It is comparable to a portable speaker, smart radio clock, Pixel Art digital frame, and LED panel. The EVO has over 30 more settings that can enhance your life with this fascinating magic device.


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How can you tell whether you’re a geek… You already know… When you’re eager to try out this new toy! Hello, my fellow Hi-Tech lovers! I welcome back my old friends and welcome the new ones! My name is Celine, and I’m a Belgian TV journalist and, let’s face it, a geek. I used to host a Tech TV show, and together with the graphic designer, we agreed that the trailer would be pixelated! That’s a lot of fun! So when the company Divoom sent me their TIMEBOX-EVO, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

I will, however, offer a disclaimer: I was not compensated by the brand to say great things. Simply put, I’m having a good time like a kid. This box is marketed as a speaker. But this isn’t just any ordinary Bluetooth speaker! It also includes a front panel of square LED lights that serve many functions.

For starters, they may display any notifications you get, such as an incoming call, a new text message, or a Facebook notice, by displaying the symbol on the display. If that isn’t enough, there is also a feature that allows it to respond to the music being played and display an EQ on the front instead.

Oh no, that isn’t it! Because it features an intelligent alarm and sensors for sensing ambient temperature, you may use it as an alarm clock and have it show the time or temperature. If you wish to use it as an alarm clock near your bed, it includes a very useful feature: It has a sleep assistance app.

divoom timebox evo 1

That’s when things start to become interesting. You may use the sleep aid to generate different emotions, such as being near a bonfire or a river brook. You can fall asleep while listening to the thunder and rain presets. Furthermore, when any of the presets is played, the screen changes to a warm shade of orange, emphasizing the overall “going to sleep” feeling.

Did you know that according to various research, 10%–30% of the world’s population suffers from this sleep disorder? Unfortunately, there is no secret formula for getting those extra hours of sleep, but research shows that certain noises might help us go off to sleep. As a result, the Timebox Evo may be useful for this purpose! From white noise to rain sounds, you can learn which noises will help you sleep better—and which will simply leave you with bags under your eyes.

Its Worth a Short!

Because, in comparison to certain drugs, this has no side effects and costs less than $50! If you decide to buy it, I’ll include a link in the description below. If you buy it through my link, I’ll receive a tiny commission from Amazon at no extra cost to you. So you may be confident that your purchase will benefit both of us. I also like the high standard. It includes rubber buttons for control and a power switch, and it feels great and substantial in my hands.

The power button is on the side, while the media controls and a button to alter screen animations and lighting settings are on the top.

It is simple to set up; simply download the app and connect it through Bluetooth. It’s also quite compact and light, weighing only 331 grams! It’s a significant benefit, even though the disadvantage of being compact and light may be a lesser battery… However, when disconnected, it lasts 6 hours! Have we gone through all of the details?

But no, the most crucial aspect, its purpose: the sound quality. It’s not awful, but it’s not as good as other major brands’ Perfection. But don’t forget that higher-end manufacturers charge far more than 100 euros for a higher level of quality. What are your thoughts? Let’s go into it in the description below. What would you do with this small box?

8.5Expert Score
This compact clock and Bluetooth speaker, a one-of-a-kind and captivating device, displays 8-bit graphics, animations, and alarms on its bright display.
  • Great display
  • Lots of features
  • Easy to customize
  • Can run off battery
  • Need a phone for most features
  • The app is quite buggy
  • Can't customize clock design

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